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DPA Microphones logo

Sam First uses microphones made by DPA Microphones in Denmark that capture the space so beautifully, allowing an identifiable sound to be established in this space. 

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Canopus Logo
Tama logo

Sam First uses a beautiful Yaiba Bop Kit from the Canopus drum company. These drums have standard be-bop dimensions and fills the room perfectly.

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Sam First has partnered with the world renown drum head manufacturer, Remo. We use Remo coded ambassador heads on all of our drums. Remo even custom made a beautiful ebony front bass drum head for us that proudly displays the Sam First logo.


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The Tama drum company has very graciously supplied a full set of hardware from their Classic line. Rounding out the set is their beautiful new Ergo-Rider Hydraulic Throne.”


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AEA logo

Sam First uses a stereo pair of AEA N8 ribbon mic's as room mics. These microphones sound so beautiful, they need no EQ at all!

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